Sunday Meetings.

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Everyone is welcome at 11am for our Sunday morning meetings.  These gatherings are made up of people of all ages and stages of life who come together to celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ has changed their lives.  One of our ways of expressing this is through singing to God, and we choose to do this through contemporary heartfelt worship.  We also come to listen to preaching and teaching from the Bible, where the cross of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead are always central. 

We'd encourage you to bring your children along with you, and are pleased to offer a full children’s programme complete with crèche facilities as well as a young people's meeting. 


Why not give us a try...

Please feel free to join us, we want to be as accessible to you as possible.  At this stage let us reassure you, you will not be asked sing a solo, pray out loud or do anything else which you may find embarrassing.  Don't feel like you have to wear a suit or anything that you don't feel comfortable in.  Join in if you want, or just observe from the back if you feel more comfortable.  Either way, you are most welcome!