Recent Media Uploads 
The sinful woman forgiven (download)
Rhys Thomas, 21/02/2021
Rest with the Best (download)
Peter Brind, 14/02/2021
Hope through uncertainty (download)
James Armstrong, 07/02/2021
Resisting The Devil (download)
Peter Brind, 31/01/2021
Living in the Free and Abundant Flow of God's Grace (download)
Paul Armstrong, 24/01/2021
Stand by Faith, because God is with us (download)
Steve Brind, 17/01/2021
Developing A Closer Walk With God! (download)
Paul Armstrong, 10/01/2021
Rediscovering Your Purpose (download)
Steve Brind, 03/01/2021
Star Attraction (download)
Peter Brind, 27/12/2020
Jesus, the greatest gift of God to us (download)
Paul Armstrong, 20/12/2020
God in a body (download)
Peter Brind, 06/12/2020
Living In the Reality & Power of the Christ Within Us (download)
Paul Armstrong, 29/11/2020
The peace that is found in our God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 15/11/2020
Boxes of love (download)
Steve Harris, 08/11/2020
Lighting up our prison cell (download)
Peter Brind, 01/11/2020
Capture this moment (download)
Rhys Thomas, 25/10/2020
A God of compassion and hope (download)
Paul Armstrong, 18/10/2020
In this love we are being made like Him (download)
Paul Armstrong, 11/10/2020
God's response to Injustice (download)
Naomi McEwan + Pete Brind Jnr, 07/10/2020
Totally Family (download)
Peter Brind, 27/09/2020