Recent Media Uploads 
In this love we are being made like Him (download)
Paul Armstrong, 11/10/2020
God's response to Injustice (download)
Naomi McEwan + Pete Brind Jnr, 07/10/2020
Totally Family (download)
Peter Brind, 27/09/2020
Knowing the peace of God during this time (download)
Clive Cornish, 20/09/2020
The faithfulness of God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 13/09/2020
A new and living way to the Father (download)
Paul Armstrong, 06/09/2020
God has not finished with you (download)
Pete Reynolds , 30/08/2020
The comfort and discomfort of the Cross (download)
Steve Harris, 23/08/2020
This calls for patient endurance (download)
Steve Brind, 16/08/2020
Let Him shine (download)
Clive Cornish, 09/08/2020
Standing alone (download)
Peter Brind, 02/08/2020
Being fully assured of the lifeflow of God's word within (download)
Paul Armstrong, 26/07/2020
God was right on time (download)
Steve Brind, 19/07/2020
Knowing the great power of the glorious blessing we have in Christ (download)
Paul Armstrong, 12/07/2020
The World's deadliest weapon (download)
Clive Cornish, 05/07/2020
Totally transformed (download)
Peter Brind, 28/06/2020
The wellspring of life that comes from knowing my God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 21/06/2020
The importance of the physical expressions of God's love together, in Christ (download)
Paul Armstrong, 14/06/2020
A certain hope in uncertain times (download)
Steve Harris, 07/06/2020
Rebuilding (download)
Steve Bind, 31/05/2020