Recent Media Uploads 
Seeing Jesus we are being transformed (download)
Paul Armstrong, 19/05/2019
The book of Habbakkuk (download)
Steve Brind, 19/05/2019
At rest in my shepherd's infinite care (download)
Paul Armstrong, 05/05/2019
Jehoiada (download)
Steve Brind, 28/04/2019
We are called to stand in the glory of His goodness (download)
Paul Armstrong, 14/04/2019
Lost and found (download)
Clive Cornish, 07/04/2019
The Cross stands above it all (download)
James Armstrong, 31/03/2019
Rock solid foundations (download)
Nigel Curtis, 24/03/2019
In Christ we are being transformed into the image of His glory (download)
Paul Armstrong, 10/03/2019
Desiring God: As we desire and persue God, fixing our eyes firmly on Him, He will cause us (download)
David Williams, 03/03/2019
We have access to the Father's presence in and through Jesus (download)
Paul Armstrong, 03/02/2019
Father God (download)
Steve Harris, 27/01/2019
God is working within us, shaping and perfecting a right kind of faith in Him to His Glory (download)
Paul Armstrong, 20/01/2019
Fighting life's battles (download)
Peter Brind, 13/01/2019
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases (download)
Pete Reynolds, 06/01/2019
Through the indescribable gift of Jesus we live in the joy of Heaven (download)
Paul Armstrong, 16/12/2018
Be yoked to Jesus (download)
Clive Cornish, 09/12/2018
Testimony / The story of Joseph (download)
Hannah Williams, 09/12/2018
Testimony, Gods plan in my life (download)
David Williams, 25/11/2018
The Lord is compassionate and gracious (download)
James Armstrong, 18/11/2018