Recent Media Uploads 
When Heaven touched Earth (download)
Peter Brind, 24/05/2020
Focussing on the unchangeableness of His goodness (download)
Paul Armstrong, 17/05/2020
Walking together with our God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 10/05/2020
Assured in the Father's Love (download)
James Wood, 03/05/2020
Our God is a shield round about us (download)
Paul Armstrong, 26/04/2020
Who am I? (download)
Clive Cornish, 19/04/2020
Easter paper tear (download)
Steve Harris, 12/04/2020
Growing in God (download)
Peter Brind, 05/04/2020
God leads us in His sure promise of future blessing in Christ (download)
Paul Armstrong, 29/03/2020
Looking up to God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 22/03/2020
Hope in the hole of depression (download)
Steve Brind, 15/03/2020
Drink and be satisfied (download)
Rhys Thomas, 08/03/2020
Dealing with sin (download)
Clive Cornish, 01/03/2020
In His abiding presence we find rest through the grace and truth of Christ (download)
Paul Armstrong, 23/02/2020
Groaning... in Hope! (download)
Steve Brind, 16/02/2020
Our hope is founded upon the finished work of God in Christ (download)
Paul Armstrong, 09/02/2020
Building foundations (download)
David Williams, 02/02/2020
Hope in the midst of hopelessness (download)
Peter Brind, 26/01/2020
Bind my wandering heart to Thee (download)
James Armstrong, 19/01/2020
We overcome in knowing our Shepherd and the Guardian of our souls (download)
Paul Armstrong, 13/01/2020