...Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

The kingdom of God is the most powerful, the most radical, the most profoundly life-changing, the most exciting, the most awesomely sublime, the most transcendent plan ever purposed for man and for the whole of creation. And this plan and purpose flows directly out of the very heart of God.

Jesus came proclaiming the gospel (good news) of this kingdom. Jesus taught that man without God is in a state whereby he will perish because of the nature and power of sin that grips him inwardly. He is ‘out of line’ within himself towards God. Yet Jesus offers to man a way of deliverance and freedom, a way to receive eternal life through Him, through the way which He provides in His death and resurrection.

The kingdom of God which essentially is of the ‘age to come’ will at the second coming of Christ come, with external rule and dominion. Bringing judgement on all evil and inaugurate a new world order of peace, reconciliation and prosperity throughout all creation. Yet now through Jesus Christ the kingdom of God has come ‘in this age’ freely and inwardly by His grace offering eternal life to those who receive Him by faith. As we saw that man without God is ‘out of line’ within himself, yet the kingdom to those who have received His rule by faith ‘sets us right’ with God and brings us into the glorious benefits of His rule here and now, to enjoy the fullness of His life, the power of His love. This rule has changed our perspectives and values in life in the light of our eternal goal of His glory bringing a change of purpose and direction towards God, His people and the society in which we live.

The theme of ‘the loving and active pursuit of God’s redemptive rule in Christ’ sums up the whole series. God actively sought us out and pursues us with the love of a father expressed through His redemptive rule in Christ. In a day and age when so many distractions aim to pull us away from the gospel message of Jesus Christ it’s of paramount importance that we learn to live in the abounding riches of the hope of the kingdom.