Rhema School

the kids at the school
For many years now we have worked with Bernard and Alice and the relationship we have built is one of true friendship and companionship. We love and believe in them and what they do, and are privileged to share a deep faith with them. Spending time connecting with them has always been a priority for us, and although the distance is a challenge, we have grown together with them on their journey.

The land for Rhema school originally belonged to Bernard and his family. After hearing a calling from God to do something for thier local community they built the school on their own land.

Rhema Junior School is located in the Nakulabye slum, which is approximately 3 kilometres from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The population of Nakulabye is approximately 156 thousand people per 1 square kilometre.

The school educates 350 children aged 3-12yrs, who are facing issues such as aids, poverty and starvation with many of the children already living as orphans. The school offers the children a way out from begging, living on the street and eating waste from bins. We are continually looking to support the school to serve the community and the children.

The school also has a forest project; this is a plot of land that has been donated by the Ugandan government for the farming of trees to sell for timber. We hope that with support this project becomes fully self-sustainable and can fund future developments in the school and the community.